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Dr. Jason Miksza

About Us

Here at Muskoka Chiropractic Clinic, Your Comfort is our Priority

Many of the chiropractors at Muskoka Chiropractic Clinic became chiropractors because they had a positive experience with a chiropractic healer. After seeing the benefits firsthand, and after years of schooling and hours of training, we are proud that we can now provide similar experiences to our Huntsville clientele.

Nervous about your first visit?

We remember how nerve-wracking it was when we went to a chiropractic practice for the first time – meeting new people and hearing new terms, which is why we strive to make your first visit with us as relaxing and pleasant as it can be. Before we perform a spinal analysis, we take the time to learn about you: the nature of your injury, the history of your pain, and what you wish to accomplish with us. We at Muskoka Chiropractic Clinic like to think that the road to recovery is a “joint” effort made between our clients and us. Your body is a unique machine and therefore requires specific tools to get it back in top working condition. In order to give an accurate assessment of your neck or back, a one-on-one relationship is crucial.

Proudly Serving the People of Huntsville

Our long line of success is built on the confidence that our clients have in our abilities. We are happy to see that they come back for our chiropractic services time and time again. The reason for our success is twofold. First, we take great pride in serving our Huntsville clients. Secondly, we enjoy the collaborative relationship we obtain with our patients as we navigate and manage their return to health and wellbeing.

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If you are in the Huntsville area and looking for a trusted chiropractor, look no further. Contact Muskoka Chiropractic Clinic today to schedule an appointment. We have helped a number of people in and around Huntsville achieve their goals and are excited to help you as well!

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